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Technologies Transforming Home Decor Industry

By admin / Published on Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019 09:30 AM / Comments Off on Technologies Transforming Home Decor Industry / 283 views

Technologies Transforming Home Decor Industry. AR and VR technologies are here to revolutionise home decor start-ups.

Technologies Transforming Home Decor Industry. Internet of Things (IoT) is making our home decor a smart one and the magical experience attached with it, that is giving an experience of living beyond just a comfortable life. 24 billion digital devices are estimated to be connected through IoT by 2020.

Rapidly growing demand for smart homes among buyers driving growth in innovations in décor-friendly smart devices has led to smart buyers adopting smart home gadgets in home designing. Technologies Transforming Home Decor Industry. The promising benefits of smart home tech are becoming very popular among modern generation of interior designers, who are now trying to attract millennials and the ‘tech-savvy’ population defining exciting trends in the smart home designing industry.

AR and VR is all set to touch the mark of $162 billion industry by 2020. And very next year by 2021, the market is expected to grow and reach $215 billion. Statistics suggest a rapid growth in waiting not just in the realm of technology (AR and VR) but also the industries that incorporate them in their operations. According to latest report of Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, the home decor industry, which is expanding at a rapid speed with an expectation to register a CAGR of 4.2 per cent during 2015-2020, will also see huge usage of AR and VR technologies in the future. Particularly, the new-age start-ups in the segment will bring about a revolution.

VR and AR created buzz in 2019, taking a centre stage across multiple sectors. Imagine testing out hundreds of wallpaper designs, furniture pieces or flooring types at the click of a button. Technologies Transforming Home Decor Industry.

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