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Tara Wellness Centre & Yoga Institute by ID Pritesh Meishri

By admin / Published on Monday, 15 Apr 2019 15:15 PM / 14 Comments / 730 views

Tara Wellness Centre & Yoga Institute by ID Pritesh Meishri

Nestled in the outskirts of Kutch, Tara Wellness Centre & Yoga Institute boosts clean, contemporary & space efficient Interiors adorned in cool hue’s, wood accents & traditional design. The Taramati Wellness Centre has been lavishly designed keeping in mind the comfort, functionality, aesthetics, lifestyle and individual requirements of the client. When the owner Shri. Hemant Kumar approached Mr Pritesh Meisheri (Interior Designer) for concept briefing, which cleanly called for immensely wonderful Yoga Institute, creating balance with nature and positive living.

Tara Wellness Centre & Yoga Institute by ID Pritesh Meishri
Tara Wellness Centre & Yoga Institute by ID Pritesh Meishri

Spread across 4 acres. The Taramati wellness centre and Yoga institute comprise of 3 different sections. The first section being the reception area, check-up area, stay and accommodation. The other section comprising of the Yoga centre that includes Asanas room, Pranayama room, Pratyahara and Dharana room, Dhyana and Samadhi area and the other section with Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raj Yoga and Gyana Yoga. The wellness centre also encompasses of Spa facilities along with Chakra meditation area, Satvik Aahar (kitchen), Dining hall with Juice station and a premiere lounge.

Wellness Centre
A well adorned reception area which is designed with the elevated structure to bear instant hustle and calmness with indigo coloured fabricated walls emitting exuberance reception area provides an enormous serene view of the entire facility in a snapshot, immediately transporting our guest to the blissful expedition they will be relishing. An area dedicated for vivacious counselling room adjoining the reception area giving the guests not only navigational ease but private space to open their discontents.

Continuing to the Accommodations, Arka – “Blissed Luxury” is the superior guest room above 700 square feet with all modern amenities. The interior is elegant with neutral tones to exuberate the lavish character, consisting of a Bedroom area, living area, dining room area and study area. Aarunga- “The first ray of Sun”, indigenously planned spacious rooms of over 500 square feet opens to a spectacular landscape with rich amenity groves, a large space of comfortable and luxurious furniture studded with natural veneer look.

The pathway, Ashtanga yoga translates to Eight-Limbed Yoga; Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dhayana and Samadhi which is a commitment to walking the path towards enlightenment. The Wellness Centre has also allocated space for Spa, combining ancient practice with modern application. Experts, doctors, skilled therapists perform various therapies including Reflexology, Shiatsu therapy, Vichy shower, Jacuzzi, Steam bath, hot stone massage, Sauna bat, Reiki, Sidha healing and Pranic healing as a practice to healthier living.

Meditation Centre
Those who regularly participate in Yoga, interact with the world in calmer and responsible ways. Tara Wellness Centre has resided a space for Yoga, categorised into different forms. Karma Yog, meaning do, work without attachment. Bhakti Yog, uniting one’s self with devotion. Followed by Raj Yog, a unity between the universal soul and universal consciousness. Gyana means knowledge, Gyana Yog is the path where reality is discovered through practice and knowledge. Therapies like colour, music, aroma and light are performed to enhance the meditation. Another form of meditation is Yog Nindra where tension and frustration is released through a systematic and regular practice of Yog Nindra. Also, Chakra Meditation is a form of sound and vibrational healing which helps in balancing and energising the chakras.

The Food and Nutrition
Taramati Wellness Centre and Yoga Institute provides cuisines which are freshly produced from local organic farms and are low on fats and calories. “Pure Nector”, It is a Bistro styled modern dining reservoirs that provide smoothies and juice in the seating with breathtaking landscape view from their seats. A premier lounge is provided for comfortable seating while enjoying the fresh drinks. The dining hall is spacious and serene allowing leisure and peace. The decor spells sophistication and charm with its soothing light arrangement and magnificent view.

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