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Sparc Design Office by Suhani Lal Sanghra

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Sparc Design Office by Suhani Lal Sanghra

Transparency is the keyword for this 2,000 sq ft office of Sparc Design. The office that has ceiling to floor glass panels on two sides and windows on the third, ample sunlight and breeze. In addition, being located on the sixth floor, space also offers panoramic vistas of the city as well as views of tree canopies.

Sparc Design Office by Suhani Lal Sanghra
Sparc Design Office by Suhani Lal Sanghra

Raw Industrial Look:
The material palette and elements with a back-to-the-basics feel with a raw industrial look. A raw concrete finish and wood-finished vitrified tiles for the flooring; Chipboard for the ceilings of the outdoor spaces; agro board for the outdoor space table; and a mix of lighting fixtures including industrial lamps and suspended lighting. Graphics of simple instruments (such as a pencil, pen, compass, ruler and protractor) have been either engraved or embossed on walls and cabinets, and architectural drawings are printed on the fabric to make the soft board partitions for the work desks. The monochromatic palette has been infused with refreshing hints of yellow and green colour.

Unifying Elements
At the studio, the golden ratio as a design element was subtly incorporated in the play of triangles in different spaces and elements- on the main face of the reception desk, in the reception pergola, on the sides of the work stations, in the solid single triangular leg of the tables of the two cabins, in the inlays with epoxy paint in the conference room table and the triangular ceiling lamps-making it an element that links the different spaces and elements of studio.

An indoor-outdoor connect and open views of the outdoors energize the space and team members at work when they take a break or meet at the outdoor meeting area. A high table and chairs, artificial grass, a wall mural of The Le crafted of metal pipes with two vertical panels of artificial foliage.

PROJECT DETAILS: SIZE IN SQ.FT (Carpet): 2000 sq. ft.

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