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Retox by Khushboo and Dhruv Chandwania

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Retox by Khushboo and Dhruv Chandwania

Retox Kothrud is the second outlet in Pune where the brand is coming up with a series of the boutique outlet where each outlet is contextually different but at the same time, the experience and the vibes have to be the same. Like Vimannagar outlet for Kothrud, the theme is Industrial. Viman Nagar outlet was more of rustic with being true to the materials giving a vibe of underworld madhouse scientist working in a dungeon with alchemy.

Retox by Khushboo and Dhruv Chandwania
Retox by Khushboo and Dhruv Chandwania

Since 2016, Retox has made a mark of its signature cocktails, ambience and reach-out. The brief for Kothrud outlet had to have reliability with the first one. The crowd of Kothrud is more of family, higher middle-class people who happen to have good taste in food and art. Kothrud is more culturally inclined as well. They appreciate art in all forms. The place had to have a balance of both-the original industrial Retox look yet classy art appreciating the look. So the challenge was that the material pallet changed, colours remain closer to the original idea, it could not be rustic anymore, it had to be classy and relatable to the catchment.

Concept Note:
An upmarket industrial restaurant was the brief that we as architect and clients were sure off, as the location demanded so. No show of glossy shiny material to be used. Colour pallet was laid out grey and brown but only that much was not enough as being true to materials was on cards, the essence of earthy look through art and design was prerogative. Talking about the space, it is a typical showroom block of approximately 20ft by 50ft and about 50%of mezzanine a beautiful double-height space with curtain glazing overlooks one of the busiest roads. The lower space and the mezzanine are designed as bar and seating while the kitchen is extra office space at the mezzanine level behind. The restaurant seats 100 people.

Design Process
As one enters, one experiences a 20ft double-height space, which is defined by three black metal arches. Access to mezzanine is in front of the entrance. The staircase leading to mezzanine is made up of MS plates, which makes it look visually light. On the left of the entrance, 6in. Special seating with corner sofa raises the floor and a high table is placed on the platform. The high table is temporary, which can be removed for stage performances. The seating behind the hostess desk is screened with a vertical planter frame. The seating space is divided into two areas on the lower floor. The bar seating and sofa seating.

The dining at the bar seating is a signature style developed during the 2016 Vimannagar outlet. The feature continued over here with a bright yellow bar wall. The tables are made to look floating keeping floor clear of table stands. The sofa seating is flanked by a huge wall, which continues till the mezzanine ceiling. This wall, which was biggest continuous element in the space had to be the one which talks about the theme very strongly. S.H. Raza, whose works inspires us the most has been recreated by an artist with her hand painting. The colours of the art depict basic colours. The contrasts of the colours on the wall v/s the other colour palette balance the spaces and makes it more clear. The wall is approximately 38ft running and overall of 20ft high. the staircase is considered as an interesting path of the journey while climbing up/ down. Pine wine cellar continues right from the bar till the ceiling displaying an array of drink options available. The staircase also gives a wonderful view of the full space and specially hand-painted art.

Mezzanine is small spaces allowing approx. 40 people seating. Space is primarily used for private get-togethers. The mezzanine also has a liquor store, office for accounts, staff change, dry store. Beyond this, the mezzanine is connected with an office space behind, where the kitchen is placed. The kitchen has a service door connecting the building lobby.  The toilets are designed in a very special way. The inhouse toilets were re-tiled up to 4ft above which is a brown mirror on all sides. The ceiling also has the brown mirror, giving the tight toilets a spacious look.  The balance of industrial and classy has been very crucial. Black metal arches, staircase and railing, handles are all in MS painted black. The flooring is distressed grey wooden tiles with a redefined herring bone pattern. The black 3 in tile inlay sharply defines the pattern in the floor. Wicker chairs add a fine texture to space, whereas the grey sofa and chairs add a softer classy look to space.

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