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London Dock Café by Studio Intellize

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London Dock Café by Studio Intellize

London Dock Café by Studio Intellize is located on High Street Pune, one of the prime locations in the city. The client wanted a quick, time saving and cost-effective solution for café in such a way that it should stand out prominently within pre-established cafes, bars etc.  The architect says over the past decade the food industry has flourished into the city like Pune. Keeping this in mind and increasing competition in the industry, the designer came up with an idea of remodelling the sustainable shipping containers into the cafe.

London Dock Café by Studio Intellize
London Dock Café by Studio Intellize

Its design is fresh, new and something to look forward to. They tried to combine the design creativity with the food, which would probably make a good combination. Containers are brought out of scrap so they are cost-effective, secure, and weather-resistant and provide novelty value. Its funky design stands out perfectly amongst the other cafes and restaurants in the prime location of Pune like Balewadi High Street.

Design Process-
It is their first step of the design process where they tried to gather as much information as possible about shipping containers and the site along with the people who are going to use it. As the site is surrounded by business parks, cafes, bars and restaurants, the design has to be different. As the client wanted to start the café within a short period of time so we had to give him a time-saving and cost-effective solution for this.

How to arrange the containers was another major task for us. Another challenge was to design a staircase within the setback limit.

Developing solutions-
Against the conventional construction techniques, containers proved a cheaper solution as bought from scraps, which became very cost-effective. Due to container, we got readymade walls, floors and ceiling which resulted in a super time-saving solution. We tried to save the cost of the lease because major work was done in the workshop, which resulted in less on-site work.

Final design-
From business, point of view modular constructions is beneficial in many ways than the conventionally built structures. Scraped containers are the best example to do so which had numerous benefits like cost and time-saving. The composition of containers split into two levels in the proper way to become an attention seeker, which overcomes the width and height limitation. The arrangements of containers give an inviting massing, which looks clean and modern.

Dining area on two levels allows more customers to sit ultimately resulting in larger revenue generation. The arrangement of containers created an open space at the ground floor and covered space on the first floor this helped us to develop the concept of roadside eating in kind of European roadside café. The cafe is simple yet with blue and red funky colour, which gives a trendy look. The simple ambience that makes a complete culinary experience and if the food didn’t get your heart racing enough, the aesthetic appeal of the place surely would and you would wonder if it really was shipping container you just bought food from !!!

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