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Algorithms will lit Walt Disney Concert Hall

By admin / Published on Thursday, 20 Sep 2018 17:30 PM / 14 Comments / 955 views

Algorithms will lit Walt Disney Concert Hall. Located in LA, USA  the concert hall will be transformed through digital art projection by media artist Refik Anadol and Google Arts & Culture. Created for the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s centennial, the light show will be made through deep neural network connections projected as light. Designed for WDCH Dreams, the digital projections draw together the L.A.Philharmonic orchestra’s digital archives and translate them into data points.

Algorithms will lit Walt Disney Concert Hall

Anadol worked with Google Arts & Culture to translate the L.A. Phil’s archives, and the work creates a ‘data universe” shaped by the neutral networks as they transform and animate the Gehry Partners–designed concert hall. Alongside the light show, music will be used from the philharmonic’s archives and sound designers Robert Thomas, Kerim Karaoglu and Parag K. Mital.

The music will be sorted into thematic compositions by machine learning algorithms. Inside the concert hall, visitors can interact with the archives through a mirrored room with two-channel projection in the Ira Gershwin Gallery. Inside the concert hall, the Ira Gershwin Gallery will contain a companion installation where participants can interact with the philharmonic’s archives via a mirrored, U-shaped room with two-channel projection. Nightly performances will take place between September 28 and October 6, 2018.

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