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Dnyandeep Co-op Credit Society by Architect Subodh Dixit

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Dnyandeep Co-op Credit Society by Architect Subodh Dixit

The project was to design a bank, Regional office and Training Center.

Dnyandeep Co-op Credit Society by Architect Subodh Dixit
Dnyandeep Co-op Credit Society by Architect Subodh Dixit

The premises purchased by the Client was an old building hospital with different rooms each having different independent access. The challenge was to amalgamate all these different rooms/areas and design bank, regional office and training center as per the client’s requirement. The site premises were on the first floor with long passage entering to different individual rooms. The total dismantling of the internal brick walls achieved a clear floor plate. Later due to which it became possible to segregate different 3 areas for the bank Training center, bank and Regional office.

As per the client’s requirements 3 different areas where needed, with different clientele attending the premises. Hence while designing and choosing materials that factor was kept in mind. The bank area being exposed to different and all types of people fewer maintenance materials were used. The banking counter was designed in colour scheme as per the previous branches designed. The waiting area had powder coated seating systems as for less maintenance.

The regional office was designed using varied materials. The reception area is the entry to rest of the office to create a lively atmosphere a concrete based laminate with an artificial tree to give the effect of the natural environment was used along with vitrified tiles inlay pattern. The structural columns were cladded with veneer and ACP. Modular furniture added flexibility to the layout. Sliding folding partition was introduced to attain flexibility of privacy as well as expanding the area to a big meeting room. To add softness back painted glass, mirror, etc. used.

The training centre designed was in the same theme but to add interest and boldness to the area blue, yellow colours were painted to the wall in pattern form. The false ceiling designed was in such a form that it gave general lighting as well as during a function minimal lighting could be achieved. Storages were given as per requirement.

All three entities opened up in common passages. To give uniformity and also to combine all these entrances together ruff tough paint was used in bricks pattern along with flooring pattern in the common passage.

Materials used :
Plywood, wood, laminates, veneers, ACP, glass & mirrors in different forms as back painted, tinted, frosted, Vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, granite, different types and forms of paint etc.

Constraints if any:
As being the hospital for each room toilets were built. The building drainage system was not proper with the norms. Hence to achieve the slope the toilets were constructed in steps. Demolition of the existing toilets and planning the new toilets with proper drainage and plumbing laws was a measure challenges.

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