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Ayurveda Spa by Architect Vikrant Panse

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Ayurveda Spa by Architect Vikrant Panse

The area demarcated for the Spa is part of a 6 acres oasis created by the owner over a period of time. The site is located away from the resort rooms but falls in the midst of a fruit orchard. The mandate included designing a separate Ladies and Gents section for Ayurvedic therapies. Apart from the massage rooms, the design was to cater for hydrotherapy treatments, sauna and steam rooms.

Ayurveda Spa by Architect Vikrant Panse
Ayurveda Spa by Architect Vikrant Panse

Constraints: The site consisted of approximately 50 full-grown randomly located trees. The proximity of the site to an adjoining road brought concerns of visual privacy.

Concept: Inward facing courtyard planning was an inherent choice considering the privacy concerns. The Gents and Ladies sections were aptly segregated by dividing them into separate sections with their own courtyards. Keeping the location of all the trees as constants, we derived our plan by weaving our building between the trees, where at times the trees become a part and soul of the building.

The project sits in a region of rich history and is still inhabited by the tribes famous for their ‘Warli’ art. Being a tribal belt, we still find their vernacular construction techniques, building materials and also their artwork very much intact. This for us was the most important criteria and the soul of the region, which we decided to explore in the modern context. The internal walls were constructed of ‘Karu’ regional name for Wattle and Daub construction (the type of mud construction).

The external walls were mud-plastered and highlighted with ‘Warli’ artwork. The use of local construction techniques on this scale provided employment opportunities for local tribes. The highlight of this exercise was especially to work with a skilled female workforce in such a marginalized society.

Our conscious attempt to use mud flooring and mud partition walls came with a set of its own advantages: First by providing thermal and tactile comforts, and Second          (and most importantly) providing the ladies with a recurring source of income for applying/re-laying mud layers every year.

The ‘Warli’ artwork on the walls also tell an interesting story of the origin of this oasis, the activities carried out and also the relevance of it to the surrounding lands.

Project: Ayurveda Spa
Location: Shisne, Dahanu
Project Type: Hospitality
Project Area: 1000 sq.m
Project Completion: 2019
Timeline: 1.5 Years

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