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Art Walk a Project with Contemporary Rhythm

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Art Walk a Project with Contemporary Rhythm

Extending the heritage character of Fergusson College and fused with contemporary rhythm of Fergusson college road. Celebrated with architectural, traditional & cultural identities of Pune”.

Well defined pedestrian connectivity along with safety plays a major role in the urban fabric. The pedestrian networks not only serve as transitional corridors but also act as a place for social interactions. In most of the cases in India, the pedestrian networks are potential unorganized bazaars, city services, parking lots, garbage bins and many more, which is disturbing the core values of a network. These majors are forcing pedestrians to traverse on the carriageway and increasing the chances of accidents. Identifying and connecting the pedestrian walkways with the right dots of social drama would help in easing the city’s social life, as much needed breathing spaces.

Art Walk a Project with Contemporary Rhythm
Art Walk a Project with Contemporary Rhythm

Context & Site:
Fergusson College Road in Pune acts as a major spine, mostly characterized by significant architectural heritage structures, prominent food joints & shopping pocket. The road majorly witnesses youth pulse & heavy vehicular traffic throughout the day, with a huge necessity of quality congregation spaces. A walkway was identified for renewal for the local governing body. The stretch in its size is opportunistic 3.3 meters wide and 70 meters long or rather 35 meters long on either side of the main entrance gate of Fergusson College. The stretch was littered tree pits and ripped off pavers, which reinforced the need of revitalization.

The concept was to express and articulate the stretch as an open exhibition and engage people to interact with the insert. The selected stretch has transformed into a well defined urban social space, through the intervention of art pavilions & benches.

Design & Articulation:
The art pavilions are in modules of 2.6 x 3 meters and 5.6 x 3 meters respectively and placed at regular intervals. Scale acts as a key backbone of the project; the special stand was taken to keep the pavilion intimately low at 2.7 meters from the finish level. These pavilions are articulated in 100x100mm mild steel box section as a main structural frame and infused with 50×50, 50×25 & 25x25mm mild steel box sections & perforated sheets acting as an overhang.

These art pavilions are adorned with paintings of city’s architectural, traditional & cultural identities on the panels of variant sizes from 1200x1200mm to 600x600mm. Special provision has been made on the panels using perforated sheets on which temporary exhibits can be easily put up, making the space more dynamic in character. This idea of an open exhibition can encourage individual or group of artists to exhibit their talent in a unique way. Trees as an existing context are included as an integral part of the project, which is fused elegantly with the intervention. The benches are expressed with natural stones as basalt & leather polished kadappa with precise workmanship. The cast iron electrical poles are placed along the walkway, jells firmly with the overall design language.

The walkway becomes more interactive during different phases of the day as it turns into a magnet for the locality, which attracts people who use this urban link not only for the walk but also as a leisurely pause.

Location: Fergusson College Road, Pune, Maharashtra
Site Area: 210 Sqm.
Built-Up Area: 49.20 Sqm.
Month/Year of Commencement-Completion: Commencement – Oct 2016 & Completion – Jan 2017

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