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Shekhar Shinde Nature-Inspired Architecture

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Shekhar Shinde Nature-Inspired Architecture

Ar. Shekhar Shinde- Nature is the main metaphor of design approach!

Shekhar Shinde the founder of S2A Studio, has created a one-man army since the establishment of the firm in 2015. He pursued his architecture at Pune University and has remained topper, has a keen interest in architecture and has worked before with firms from Pune, Nagpur, and Dubai, into various design fields gathering thorough design experiences. Also has been giving training to Architecture students for seven years. He has been an enthusiastic student since childhood and thus has been taking small design projects and teaching design software while pursuing his architecture and sufficing his responsibilities towards family. He had his grip in painting as well as guitar and has won many painting competition. His father Ar. Pandharinath Shinde played a major role in shaping him into a more filtered architect.

Shekhar Shinde Nature-Inspired Architecture
Shekhar Shinde Nature-Inspired Architecture

Design Philosophy
Ar. Shekhar Shinde quotes “Nature-inspired solution in Architecture track down to reunite humans with their true enclosures. It should always remind us not to take Mother Nature for granted but to work with her and let her guide you. We have studied nature deeply, which enables us to always come up with unique, efficient and beautiful solutions.”

The turning point.
The thesis project ‘Solitude- Floating Resort’ has remained a turning point for Ar. Shekhar Shinde in his journey of architecture. Primarily it was his first-year design idea which he expanded into a thesis project. It, later on, got international recognition and a company from the UK had a collaboration with S2A for developing this dream to reality. The purpose of this resort is to allow the visitors to seclude themselves from the busy, hectic & frustrating city lifestyle and to be in peace around the most serene natural element…water! The form of the central floating structure is inspired by a ‘Turtle shell’, which protects the life within itself.

This particular mother structure holds necessary services and takes care of the surrounding detachable floating cottages. The structure also houses ‘floating huts & underwater restaurants’ along with few rooms, gym and a temple of water, a calm and serene space located at the heart of the structure to experience the sound of water and the effect of light and shadows. He also got the opportunity to work in Dubai for one year which added fairly to his experience in architecture. The experience guided him to focus more on detailing and futuristic approach. After coming back from Dubai he established his firm called S2A Studio which is imparting knowledge to several interns every year. S2A Studio takes up the works of Architecture projects, Interior designing, Landscape Architecture, Master planning, Product designing, and visualisation and has also taken part in many competitions. It has an honest and cooperative approach towards the client and has designed up-to 150 projects within a span of four years. It offers nature-inspired design in combination with unique ideas and using different materials, making it all better spaces. The projects are spread all around Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Aurangabad. It’s innovative and creative approach and its thorough efforts had led it to win an award for the Leading

Architecture Firm Of The Year 2019 under the category of Residential and Commercial Projects in Maharashtra. S2A Studio, through its perfection in execution and quality designs, is directing itself towards a better future and adding its share to make this world a better place to dwell.



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